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 Physical Data of Organic Compounds:

CRC handbook of Organic Compounds



The Official IUPAC Rules for Nomenclature of Organic Compounds

IUPAC meets yearly to determine the rules for naming organic chemicals, compounds, and rules


pKa Tables:

Bordwell pKa Table
Bordwell pKa Table in DMSO (and Water)

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Chemical Drawing Software:

  • ChemSketch by ACD Labs (Direct download) : FREE for personal and academic use. (CNET; Softonic download) Windows (Intel-based Mac users must use Virtualization software; e.g. Parallels, VMWare Fusion 3, or Virtual Box.
  • ChemBioDraw by CambridgeSoft: Paid ((iOS, Windows) free 2 week trial; purchase price: $1500-$4000; universities often have free academic access, iPad App version is $9.99 but is only for drawing. It is not the full publishing suite.)

 Synthesis Databases

Looking for ideas for a specific bond making reaction?

Synthesis Search - Organic Chemistry Hub
  • Chemistry By Design by Prof. Njardarson at the University of Arizona. “An interactive virtual flashcard that would allow students to test their skills using known synthetic sequences [to build complex molecules].” This is an ambitious and growing body of work aligned with the idea of advancing organic synthetic knowledge by case study of structurally complex targets (not for the beginner), an interesting approach to the study of the art and science of chemical synthesis. Available free on iTunes and Android App stores.

chemistry by design by Njardsen

Free Online Organic Chemistry e-Textbooks:

  • Have one to add? Write us.

Spectroscopic Databases (MS, FTIR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR):

Organic Chemistry Hub SDBS Search
 Will not help on exams and is only marginally useful for learning. Great for hard-to-predict spectra like MS and 13C.

Periodic Tables:

Periodic Table of the Elements

Considering a Career & Graduate School in Chemistry?

Considering a career as a chemist?



Prominent Journals of Organic Chemistry


Accounts of Chemical Research

ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters

Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis

Aldrichimica Acta

Andewandte Chemie, International EditionAngewandte Chemie, International Edition

Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry, Section B: Organic Chemistry

Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

Australian Journal of Chemistry


Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry

Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry

Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters

Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan


Canadian Journal of Chemistry

Carbohydrate Research


Chemistry & Biology

Chemical Communications

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin

Chemical Reviews

Chemical Science

Chemical Society Reviews

Chemistry Letters

Chemistry: A European Journal



Dalton Transactions


European Journal of Organic Chemistry


Green Chemistry


Helvetica Chimica Acta



Journal of the American Chemical SocietyJournal of the American Chemical Society

Journal of Biological Chemistry

Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling

Journal of Chemical Research

Journal of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 1
(As of 2002 see Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry )

Journal of Combinatorial Science
(formerly called >The Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry )

Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Journal of Molecular Catalysis A

Journal of Molecular Catalysis B

Journal of Natural Products

Journal of Organic ChemistryJournal of Organic Chemistry

Journal of Organometallic Chemistry

Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry

Journal of Polymer Science Part A



Mendeleev Communications



Nature, the journal of ScienceNature

Natural Product Reports

New Journal of Chemistry


Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry
(Replaced Journal of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 1  last edition 2002)

Organic Letters

Organic Process Research and Development

Organic Syntheses



Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences

Pure and Applied Chemistry


Russian Chemical Reviews



Synfacts (Thieme)




Tetrahedron Tetrahedron

Tetrahedron Asymmetry

Tetrahedron Letters

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