How to Ace Organic Chemistry 2

I just spoke to my professor about my exam and I got a 96% out of 100%. I had to ask “you mean percent, right?” I couldn’t have done it without your help. You made it so clear and eliminated the details so I could focus on what’s important and do all the problems myself. I can’t believe what you present is what my professor thinks he’s teaching. Thank you!

-Chris F.

How to Ace Organic Chemistry 2 Like Chris:

If you want to Ace Organic Chemistry 2 you will have to know the fundamentals from the start. How do you do that if you didn’t have a good start? or took the first semester a while ago? Chris took organic chemistry 1 in the summer and at that pace it was a five-week blur.  He continued on and felt uncomfortable with just about everything in organic chemistry 2.

There were concepts and mechanisms that were just weren’t comprehensible and my professor could not convey them to me. But those cleared up right away with you.”

After a first exam which was less than stellar, he joined one of our test groups and in a couple weeks, of just common sense and straightforward methods, turned everything around. The focus was to personalize that everyone should do to ace organic chemistry. After showing him and instructing him what and how to do things with the right philosophical method, he picked it up immediately and totally turned his path in the opposite direction. He was a pleasure to work with and represents one of thousands we have given a boost. Not with anything expensive, not by memory devices, we don’t promise a quick-fix. We just tell it like it is and people just get it.

Read and Understand the Book

Work and Solve Any and as Many or All Problems As Possible

Avoid Memorization

Do a Little Bit Everyday

That’s all there is to know and do to ace organic chemistry 2.

Chris. F MIT

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