Student Testimonial

Student Testimonial: “Wish I had this last semester because it’s just so much easier. With your help I aced the second semester and my MCAT prep courses. I am interviewing for the medical school of my dreams! Will let you know how it goes.

Student Testimonial

Many students of Organic Chemistry don’t realize until the second semester that after an extended vacation, a change of professor or textbook, that the vague familiarity they once felt, a natural by-product of the day-to-day routine of attending lecture and going through the day-to-day motions of school, was not understanding at all but a temporary fixation on ideas with little organization or foundation. There is a point when students who’d previously prided themselves in their academic and learning independence; those who’ve shunned outside help realize that there’s no shame in seeking help in as difficult and strenuous a course as organic chemistry. Usually, a minor re-direction of effort is enough to get these students on the right track. Sometimes, more is required as breaking bad habits requires time.

Our student testimonial list speaks for itself. As part of our focus group and testing, students who have the right exposure prior to taking the course perform one to two standard deviations above their under-prepared or non-prepared cohort. This comes as no surprise.

Organic-ese Student Testimonial Steph. G

Stephanie G. Cornell University

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